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Tips to Play Smartly in an Online Dating Game

download (31)Today Dating is one of the most exciting events in which people are indulging themselves. It is assumed as an adventurous game that allows people to interact with the world and make them feel that they exist in this world. If it’s a game there should be some rules to play safe and to work it appropriately. Don’t worry it’s not as hard as you are discovering it but it can be challenging for you because of a few elements such as your fear of rejection, somebody may dumped you amid the date or your date is just not as you expected it to be.

And now in this technical world it becomes easier to find your love with the help of internet dating. Web dating or internet dating is much the same as a physical dating. It allows individuals to meet somebody for all intents and purposes; even they are on remote regions. It just needs your PC and solid web association for you to speak with one another.

Along these lines, here are a portion of the things that you have to know on how you could begin with it:

Key Points of online dating:-

Tip #1: Take your time and choose wisely.

Don’t be too much excited for meeting people. There are many professional dating services available online for you to select so just spend some time in searching for the best and choose wisely. While choosing a reputed dating agency keep some points in your mind like whether you prefer a lunch date during the week or not; what kind of person you are looking for your match and many other. These online dating apps also have some guidelines according to which they work so make sure that your needs match what they can offer.

Tip #2: Make a description of what you’re looking for in a soul-mate.

When you start with a dating service, the first step in that direction is an interview with them where you’ll be asked some questions about yourself and about your expectations for your dream partner. That’s why to make the most of the interview just write down what you’re looking for before you start. So think about what you have dreamt for an ideal date, and then paint a clearer picture of what you actually want in a soul-mate.

So now when you ready with the basics let’s dig into the details and know what’s positive and negative rules are there to keep in mind.

Positive dating rules:-

  1. Be confident and look your best on the day of your date.
  2. Show your interest and calmly listen to your date what he is telling, what is his interests and yes do not forget to ask questions.
  3. Enjoy yourself with a big smile on your face while realizing that you are on a serious purpose to find your love.

Negative dating rules:-

  1. Do not lie to your partner about anything.
  2. Don’t be rude and get drunk.
  3. Don’t compromise on your personal safety whatever the case may be.

I hope you are little bit convinced with these simple tips but as we all know dating especially online dating is not an easy task to do so be very careful while you are trying your luck with such matchmaking apps and dating services. At last I would like to say Happy dating!

5 Tips to Get Started With Online Dating

download (32)For anyone new to online dating, it is essential to put in the time and effort to find a safe and relevant dating site while also providing the well written profile. Here are several important steps to get started with online dating:

Identify a preferred dating service

The online dating services are now in their thousands with sites eager to attract the attention of users of all interests. Before signing up to a particular site it is important to figure out what you want and need. Plus, there is the option to use either paid or free services. But, it usually benefits to use one of the popular sites in your niche to help increase the change of attracting a potential partner.

Use a safe and reputable service

Once you have compiled a short list of the most promising dating services make sure to give the sites a further check to make sure your data will be kept secure. Use online reviews or personal recommendations to find the perfect site before entering all of your personal information.

Write the perfect profile

One of the most difficult parts of using an online dating service is creating the charming profile that clearly highlights your qualities. Even though this part is time-consuming it is essential to get right. A profile should aim to interest, connect, and bring a smile to the face of the reader. Any profile written with style and panache is certain to help increase the response rate, while those profiles written with little effort are less likely to attract the desired attention.

Make changes to increase response rate

Even if a lot of effort was put into creating the profile, there is no guarantee that it will bring the desired success. For the profile that isn’t able to attract the desired responds there are several steps that can quickly improve the response rate. A simple technique is to make a change in the profile picture. First impressions are critical, so make sure to include an up-to-date and eye-catching picture. A memorable, unusual, or interesting picture is certain to help get the best response.

Have a chat with a potential date before meeting

The ability to chat with a potential partner before meeting face-to-face can increase the likelihood of a future date being more successful. Any email communication is one-dimensional and makes it difficult to fully appreciate what the other party is like. By moving contact to a telephone conversation, it is possible to find out things like their communication style, whether they listen to you talk, and is their voice pleasant. A 20 minute phone conversation is usually enough time to find out about a potential date.

What Makes an Online Dating Profile Attractive

download (30)Nowadays, if you’re single, you’ve probably got at least one online dating profile out there. Consider some or all of these tips to increase your profile’s attraction.

Love Your Pictures

Ensure your pictures are gorgeous because YOU are gorgeous! Even if you don’t think you’re very photogenic, you don’t want your pictures to sell you short.

Go sign up for a photoshoot in a beautiful location near you. Sites like Living Social and Groupon always have highly discounted sessions by professional local photographers.

If you don’t love the pictures in your profile, don’t be surprised when you’re receiving very few messages or responses.

Head Shot is a Must

Make sure you have at least one or more pictures that show your beautiful face clearly. If you don’t like any pictures you currently have, make it a priority to get some nice ones taken of you.

Updated Pics

Try not to post pictures from more than 2 years ago – especially if you’ve gained or lost weight since then. Both men and women often complain that the person who showed up is not the person they saw in the photos. Bait and switch can cause suitors to feel like any potential relationship is starting off with a lie.

If you don’t like how you look today, find some clothes that compliment you anyway, and have someone take some great pictures of you in them. Then, set an intention to commit to your health from now on.

Purpose and Passion

Make sure you include plenty of pictures of yourself doing things you love and give you joy!

If yoga is something you love, get your friend to take some pictures of you doing yoga in the nearby park.

If teaching horseback riding to children is something that gives you purpose, have their parents take pictures of you doing it the next time you’re out there.

If you love to travel, keep in mind that you’re collecting dating profile pictures of yourself, and have your travel partner (or friendly strangers, if you travel alone) take many pictures of you in front of your beautiful travel backdrops!

Just like you, good potential partners are looking for people who take joy out of life, and who presumably have more going on than just working and commuting back and forth every day.

Avoid Selfies

Surely you can do better than this! Selfies beg the question, “Does this person have no friends to take a picture of him?” Anyway, we can see those tiled walls behind you… and now someone’s picturing you in your bathroom… Is that how you want someone to picture you for the first time?

Be Among Others You Love

If you must include a selfie, let it be a selfie of you and your friends enjoying each others’ company.

Fix Your Syntax

This is overlooked by many. Use an editing feature to ensure all grammar, spelling, and typos are cleaned up. Then read the bio out loud to yourself.

Avoid Negativity

If you’ve recently become cynical about all the weirdos who are messaging you on your profile, don’t make reference to them in your profile. Example: “If you’re a creepy loser, don’t bother messaging me.”

Similarly, mentioning even in passing how you’ve been slighted or hurt in the past is not something that needs to be in your profile bio. Don’t make future suitors pay for the mistakes of those in your past! Great partners will sense that insecurity and be turned off by it.

Keep It Short

If your bio is as long as this article (676 words), then it’s too long.

Make some positive observations about life in your profile, include things you feel passionate about, but leave some mystery for the first date.

A Final Note

Remember that all the people who are looking at your profile are there for one reason — romantic interaction, and your online dating profile is the first impression that will attract them.

You want to make sure it is reflective of who you are, and what kind of a relationship you want.

Can Online Dating Be Used As a Form of Therapy

download (29)Sounds pretty absurd, doesn’t it? But what if you turned this idea on its head? What if instead of seeing online dating as an obstacle, you used it as an opportunity?

Dating Can Feel Hopeless

Any of us who’ve ever used online dating to find a relationship know that it can be both frustrating and overwhelming to try and sift through the endless other people out there searching.

First, the weird profiles. Then, the disappointing dates. Sometimes, you even end up with what you feel like is a great date but then he never calls again or it fizzles after a while or maybe you even considered it a relationship but now it’s over.

So, you give up. “Forget it,” you tell yourself. “Online dating is not working. It’s never gonna work. I’ll be alone the rest of my life.”

Doesn’t that sound so familiar? Any of us who’ve experienced dating online have definitely been there.

Dating as Therapy

But just as therapy gives people tools to help them relieve or heal a disorder, so too can the process of dating (when done in the right manner) be a tool to help you work through your pain of past relationships and fears of ‘never finding the one.’

With the right guidance, I’m telling you it’s not only possible to find what you are looking for, but the process to get there can feel a whole lot less hopeless and frustrating.

In fact, you may even enjoy yourself, and gain ever more confidence through it.

But How?

The key is to first determine what it is you’re truly looking for. Next, figure out what patterns of situation have been showing up frequently, and what the biggest challenges have been.

Once you identify these two items, you will be able to be more honest with yourself about your observations of potential partners.

Working on yourself, focusing on yourself, and creating boundaries around yourself will allow you to navigate online dating in a much more freeing way.

It sounds harder than it is, but actually, what you’re doing is simply narrowing your focus only on people who are potential candidates for a fantastic committed relationship, instead of blindly choosing someone based on looks, similar interests, or income levels.

It Is Possible!

When I figured out what I was doing in my dating life that was not serving me, suddenly the hope and possibility of a fantastic committed relationship became real.

Through this new perspective it was like I looked around and realized that my fears were not reality at all! I had potential suitors coming in from all directions, and now it was my job to choose from them.

And over time, the potential candidates to choose from went from weird creepy guys to attractive fellows with admirable and interesting qualities.

I enjoyed many a date with many different men, but more importantly was enamored with my own life the entire time.

This allowed me to open up to someone whom I may have either dismissed unknowingly before, or whom I’d have never come across because I’d given up on dating, but who has since become someone with whom I’m sharing a loving and committed relationship.

I believe that anyone who’s willing to examine more closely what is happening in her life, take the steps to improve her situation, and remain committed to herself throughout the process, can have what she is looking for.